Our Achievements

All SES’ achievements and impacts are carefully documented in an annual Social Audit and Social Return on Investment report. This involves all staff and stakeholders, and provides an opportunity for feedback and comment.

Recent highlights include:

  • Creation of 349 new traditional businesses in 2010-2011, with a collective projected turnover of £7.348 million and average loan investment worth £1,093 each.
  • 88% of these new businesses were started by people who were unemployed or workless; 69% came from the most disadvantaged parts of the Region.
  • 80% of these businesses were still trading at 12 months, 64% at 18 months and 63% at 24 months. These figures are broadly comparable to those achieved by other providers in the Region, and very good bearing in mind the level of disadvantage faced by many SES clients.
  • Creation of 29 new social enterprises/mutual in 2010-2011. SES also supported 105 existing social enterprises. These social enterprises or mutual have a combined turnover in excess of £26.5 million; they employ 1,460 staff and 528 volunteers.
  • Analysis of Social Return on Investment for 2010-2011 suggested a return of £8.14 for every £1 invested, representing excellent value for money.
  • At least 57 voluntary groups and 420 existing businesses were also supported (2009-2010 figures).
  • Managed office workspace was developed at premises in Sunderland (Container City). This involved 1,275 square metres of floor space on 0.4 hectares of Brownfield land, and provided a new HQ for SES.
  • Further workspace was developed in North Shields at The Town Mission.

In 2011 we were named the RBS SE100 Index Impact Champion 2010-11 in recognition of our excellence at measuring, proving and communicating our impact.