Our training courses and workshops include:

  • Tendering for co-operatives/social enterprises.
  • Business Development Workshops.
  • Finance for co-operatives social enterprises.
  • Finance Training for social enterprises.
  • Introduction to Social Accounting and Audit (SAA).
  • Social Accounting and Audit.

Tendering for co-operatives/social enterprises

This training is offered at two levels. Content includes:

  • Why consider tendering.
  • What the public sector buys and the rules it is has to follow.
  • Where to find opportunities.
  • Understanding the process and the terminology.
  • The key elements of a tender.
  • What preparation can be done in advance.
  • Understanding what the buyer is looking for.

Business Development Workshops

Aimed at employees and members of existing social enterprises and co-operatives, this programme includes:

  • Business planning.
  • Costing.
  • Pricing.
  • Marketing.
  • Market Research – A beginner’s guide.

Finance for co-operatives social enterprises

A participative and informal workshop-style course developed specifically for those new directors of social enterprises who have had little or no previous finance training. Content includes:

  • Financial terms what they mean.
  • Statutory accounts how to read them.
  • Management accounts what are they.
  • Good business controls and how to manage them.
  • Forecasts and budgets.

Finance Training for social enterprises

This is a two day participative and informal workshop style course aimed at employees of co-operatives social enterprises whose role entails some aspect of budgetary/finance control but who may have had limited previous finance training. Content includes:

• Terminology.
• Constructing a budget.
• Constructing a cash flow forecast.
• How to cost your services/products.
• How to price your services/products.
• Financial Ratios what they are and how to use them.

Introduction to Social Accounting and Audit (SAA)

Through social accounting and audit you can appreciate the impact your organisation has on its community and its beneficiaries, and be able to build in accountability by engaging with your organisation’s key stakeholders. This workshop is suitable for those who are new to the idea of social accounting and auditing and want to learn more and is particularly relevant to social enterprises and organisations in the social economy. It provides a basic half day introduction.

The training covers:

  • Gaining a basic understanding of what SAA is.
  • Appreciating how your organisation could benefit.
  • Identifying indicators to demonstrate outcomes and outputs.
  • Deciding if SAA is appropriate for your organisation.

Social Accounting and Audit

This interactive and informative two day workshop will take participants through the four stages of social accounting and audit. First, identifying and clarifying the purpose and objectives of an organisation along with who it works with. Second, looking at information need to report back on each objective in terms of outputs and outcomes. Third, the bringing together of the information into a written account which reports on performance and impact; and fourth, the verification of the social account to provide it with credibility.

This tried and tested process has emerged from work directly with social economy organisations over the years and will be based on the New Guide to Social Accounting and Audit which will be provided to participants. The programme is a mix of presentations and exercises which allows time for discussion and debate. It also demonstrates a number of techniques and tools that are available to help organisations.